PhD Theses


Zühal ÖZBAY DAŞ (Fenerbahçe University), Wage Inequality in Turkey: Is Labor Market Polarized? 2017, Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Gülşah ÖZŞAHİN (Kırklareli University), Trade, Foreign Direct Investments, Research and Development, Human Capital and Technology Diffusion in Turkish Manufacturing Sector, 2017, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Jemberu Lulie  MEKONNEN (Dilla University), Growth Volatility and Spillovers in The Face of Openness: An Empirical Analysis for Sub-Saharan Africa, 2017 (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Ofeliya SOFIYEVA, Investigation of the Phillips Curve for Azerbaijan Economy: 2006 – 2014, 2017 (Supervisor: Nesrin Sungur Çakmak / R. Barış Tekin) ABSTRACT

Engin DURAN (Isbank), The Impact of Housing Wealth on Consumption in Turkey: A Panel Data Analysis for 2004-2013 Period, 2016, (Supervisor:Nesrin Sungur Çakmak) ABSTRACT

Adem GÖK (Kırklareli University), The Role of Governance on Inward Foreign Direct Investment, 2016, (Supervisor:A. SuutDoğruel) ABSTRACT

Suna GÖNÜLTAŞ (Doğuş University), The Impacts of Entry Modes Selection of a Foreign Firm on the Host Country, 2015 (Supervisor:A. SuutDoğruel) ABSTRACT

Fahriye YILDIZ (Gaziantep University), Demographic Transition and Economic Growth: Current Approaches and Applications, 2015 (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Serkan DEĞİRMENCİ (İstanbul Ticaret University), Labor Demand in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector, 2015 (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Burcu DÜZGÜN ÖNCEL (Marmara University), How Good Is Your Health? Theoretical Explanations and Micro Evidence from Turkey on Socio-Economic Status & Health Nexus, 2014, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Umut GÜNDÜZ, Politically Connected Firms and Business Performance in Turkey: Top Industrial Enterprises and Privatization of the Energy Sector, 2014, (Supervisor: M. Nedim Süalp) ABSTRACT

Pınar DENİZ (Marmara University), Consumer Confidence in Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model, 2014, (Supervisor: Erhan Aslanoğlu) ABSTRACT

Gülçin Elif YÜCEL (Yeni Yüzyıl University), A Comparative Analysis of Quality Competition in Manufacturing Exports Based On Intra-Industry Trade, 2014, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Bilge ERİŞ (Marmara University,Economics),  Educational Mismatch and Overeducation of College and Higher Degree Graduates in Turkey:2008-2011, 2013 (Supervisor: Aysu İnsel) ABSTRACT

Mesut KARAKAŞ (Gebze Institute of Technology), An Analysis of Behavioral Aspects of Economic Agents in Turkey, 2012 (Supervisor: Aysu İnsel)ABSTRACT

Mehmet BABACAN (İstanbul Ticaret University, Economics), The Role of Institutions and Governance in International Trade, 2011 (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Sevil ACAR AYTEKİN (Kemerburgaz University, Economics), Natural Resource Abundance and Its Impact on Development Prospects, 2011 (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Esra ÇEVİKER GÜRAKAR (Okan University), Institutions and Economic Development: An Analytic Narrative Approach to Turkish and Iranian Cases, 2011 (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Zeynep DENİZ DERVİŞEN (Kadir Has University), Skilled and Unskilled Labor Efficiencies in Turkish Manufacturing Industry (1992 - 2001), 2011 (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Hüseyin KAYA (Medeniyet University, Economics), The Relationship Between the Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Macroeconomic Variables: The Case of Turkey, 2011 (Supervisor: M. Nedim Süalp) ABSTRACT

Fazıl KAYIKÇI (Yıldız Technical University, Economics), Is Current Account Deficit Sustainable in Turkey? A Macroeconometric Approach, 2011 (Supervisor: Aysu İnsel) ABSTRACT

B. Can KARAHASAN (Piri Reis University, Economics), Dynamics and Variation of Regional Firm Formation - Case of Turkey, 2010 (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

M. Meryem KIROĞLU (Marmara University, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations), “Global Production Networks” in Automotive Industry: The Case of Turkey, 2010 (Supervisor: Nesrin Sungur Çakmak) ABSTRACT

Burcu YAKUT, 2010

Aslı ŞEN (Işık University, Economics), An Analysis on the Political Economy of Trade Policy Making: Domestic, International and Supranational Factors, 2009, (Supervisor: Nazım Engin) ABSTRACT

Ertan ERSOY (Istanbul University, Economics), The Determination of Long-Run Real Exchange Rates Under an Alternative Theory: The Case of Turkey, 2008, (Supervisor: M. Nedim Süalp)ABSTRACT

Tuna A. DİNÇ (Yıldız Technical University, Economics), Appropriate Technology and Productivity Differences: Two Models Based on Differences in Skill Endowments, 2008, (Supervisor: Erhan Aslanoğlu) ABSTRACT

Yasemin ÖZERKEK (Marmara University, Economics), Employment Dynamics of the Largest Industrial Firms in Turkey (1980 -2006), 2008, (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Emin KÖKSAL (Bahçeşehir University, Economics), Regulation and Competition in Telecommunications: The Case of Network Neutrality, 2008, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Fatma DİDİN (Istanbul Bilgi University, Economics), Integration and Growth: The Role of Human Capital and Technology, 2008, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Zeynep Güldem ÖKEM (TOBB University of Economics and Technology), Micro and Macro Aspects of Health Economics in Turkey, 2007, (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Ercan SARIDOĞAN (Istanbul University, Economics),  The Econometric Analysis of the Relationships among the Investment Saving and Growth in Turkey and Selected Latin American Countries, 2006, (Supervisor: Nesrin Sungur Çakmak) ABSTRACT

I. Mahmut TEKÇE (Marmara University, Economics), The Competitiveness of Turkish Agriculture in The Context of European Economic Integration, 2006, (Supervisor: Fatma Doğruel) ABSTRACT

Sumru ÖZ (Koç University, ERF), Interactions Between Market-Driven Economic Integration and Growth: Foreign Direct Investment and Convergence, 2005, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT

R. Barış TEKİN (Marmara University, Economics), Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Prices of Internationally Traded Goods: New Evidence from Turkey, 2005, (Supervisor: Nazım Engin) ABSTRACT

İbrahim ÖZTÜRK (Marmara University, Economics), The Rise and Fall of Japan's Developmental Institutions, 1999, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel)ABSTRACT

Ester BİTON RUBEN (Yıldız Technical University, Politics), Comparative Advantage in Israeli Manufacturing Industry, 1998, (Supervisor: Nazım Engin)  ABSTRACT

Erhan ASLANOĞLU (Piri Reis University), An Analysis of Direct Investments and Economic Growth with an Application on Turkey, 1996, (Supervisor: A. Suut Doğruel) ABSTRACT  



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