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“The Graduate Programs, MA and PhD, are among of the leading programs in economics in Turkey. The Programs (MA since the academic year of 1988-1989 and PhD since the academic year of 1992-1993) combine strong training in pure theory and applications. They are designed to prepare students to advance further in academic work and to compete for research and analysis positions in the public and private sectors. The close interaction between faculty members and graduate students provides a remarkable learning experience to students. Half of our MA graduates pursue their PhD studies and they have been working as faculty members in the universities both in Turkey and abroad. Most of the PhD graduates also work as faculty members.

Each year, the department admits 15 students to MA program and 5 students to Ph.D. program. In addition to degree requirements, graduate students are expected to participate to the departmental seminars.
Applications should be directed to Graduate School of Social Sciences at Goztepe Campus. However, the applicants are welcome to visit the department and ask more specific question about the programs.

Department considers only applicants who meet at least one of the criteria given below:

a) Undergraduate grade point average (GPA) exceeds 2.5 for MA program or graduate GPA exceeds 3.0 for PhD program on a 4-point scale
b) 80 or above quantitative or equal weight ALES score
c) To be a research assistant in an university

Candidates should ready to document these standards during interview.

Important notice for prospective applicants to the PhD program:

In addition to the documents submitted to the Graduate School of Social Sciences, the candidates who apply to PhD program should also submit following documents to the department secretary or graduate program organizer of the department at Anadolu Hisarı Campus at least one week before interview:

a) A short CV that includes contact information (in English).

b) One-page statement of purposes (in English).

c) A copy of MA transcript (if it is not in English or in Turkish, please attach a translation).

d) Outlines and reading lists of the graduate courses. e) A copy of the MA thesis (if it is not in English or Turkish, please attach a summary in one of these languages).

f) Copies of the research papers published or presented (optional).


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